My name is Kitty Koala and I was born on February 14 on the continent of Australia, the earth's smallest continent and largest island. I love to spend the day curled up in a eucalyptus tree. I only eat the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and drink no water. My family comes from the marsupial family which means almost everyone that we're related to has a pouch like my cousin, the kangaroo. I can grow up to be two feet long and weigh as much as 30 pounds. Our government protects koalas and our eucalyptus forest, so my family and I will be safe and always have something to eat.



It's me, Tinny Tiger! I was born on May 4th on the continent of Asia. I have a handsome, tawny coat and black stripes that help me blend into the woods or grasslands in my yard. Some of my favorite things to do are to hunt for my dinner at night and soak in the ponds during hot weather. Many of my ancestors were hunted for their fur, but now the tiger has become more secure because more and more people have stopped wanting real fur coats.



Hello, there! I'm Flip Fur Seal! I was born on December 3rd on the continent of Antarctica. I was born on the shore close to where my mom and dad met. Everybody thinks that because I'm a seal that I knew how to swim when I was born, but my mommy had to teach me. I love to eat octopus, squid and fish. My family lives in a herd and we stay together all of our lives. For a long time, we were hunted for our fur, but kids and parents decided we were too pretty to hunt so now we are protected. At last I am safe from human hunters and can play and swim all day long.


Rocky Raccoon

I'm Rocky Raccoon and I was born on the continent of North America on June 1st. I have a black and white striped face with white side whisker, a pointed nose and small pointy ears. My favorite things to eat watermelons and fish. I'm such a clean animal that I wash my food two or three times before I eat it -- which is why I usually make my home in a nest of leaves inside a hollow tree near water. I love to play.


I'm Pepper Panda and I was born on October 12th on the continent of Asia. When I was born, I weighed 5 ounces and was covered with only white fur. I was smaller than a kitten and cried just like a human baby. By the time I was one month old, I started to get a soft, thick coat of black and white fur and by the time I was three months old, my eyes were open and I started crawling. I love bamboo shoots, especially the skinny ones that are easy for my tiny milk-teeth to chew. My favorite things to do are hunt for honey (which is a special treat) and sleep in the afternoon when the sun is high. I love to play and swim with my friends but I can't run very fast.



My name is Dandy Dolphin and I was born on February 18th on the continent of North America. I live in a marine land zoo with my mom and dad. I don't talk like you do, but I have my own language of squeaks, bleeps and other noises that are sound waves that go out through the water. I am really glad that people are trying to stop fishermen from using nets to catch tuna out in the ocean because so many of my family get caught in the nets. That's one of the reasons we're an endangered species.