Build Your Own Basic First Aid Kit - Family Project

You can make your own first aid kit for use at home in case of emergencies. Be sure to include the following emergency supply items:

Bandage supplies, including a roll of 3 inch wide gauze, individually packaged 4 inch sterile gauze pads, a roll of --1 inch bandage tape, butterfly bandage tape, and scissors.
- Elastic bandages
 -Cotton swabs
 -Sterile dressings or towels
 -Pain reliever (acetaminophen or ibuprofen)
 -Anti-inflammatory medicine (ibuprofen)
 -Ipecac syrup (for use on advice of medical professional to induce vomiting)
 -Hydrogen peroxide
 -Skin creams, including hydrocortisone cream, calamine lotion and antibiotic creams
 -An antihistamine (diphenhydramine for allergic reactions)
 -Arm sling
 -Tongue depressors (to be used as a finger splint)
 -Ice pack
 -Rehydration fluids (such as Pedialyte or Infalyte)

 Be prepared by knowing your local poison center's phone number and keep it posted with a list of emergency numbers by your phone and with your first aid kit.

You may even have your kit reviewed by your doctor. Keep in a safe, dry place and check regularly to see if restocking is needed. You can also bring it with you when you travel.